Why Refer Clients to Mediation

There are times when a case belongs in court and times when the needs of your client are best served in an alternate dispute resolution venue. A proper assessment of the situation and a judicious referral to mediation can mean the difference between a satisfied client who brings you repeat business and an unhappy client who looks for legal advice elsewhere.

As an experienced attorney, you know your clients' needs, the weakness of their case, and their tolerance for risk. Here are a few of the reasons that attorneys refer clients to Huerta Mediation:

  • The client needs an economical solution to their problem, with closure.
  • The lawyer and the client want to eliminate the risk of a negative outcome for the client.
  • The client needs a faster resolution than is available through a lengthy litigation process.
  • The client needs more privacy and confidentiality than a court case will allow.
  • The client wants an interest-based resolution.
  • The attorney trusts that Huerta Mediation will provide high quality, professional service that reflects well upon the attorney and resolves the clients' dispute.


  • Where both parties are willing to try a cooperative resolution process.
  • Where parties are interested in obtaining an interest based outcome that maximizes mutual collective benefit to the parties.
  • Where parties wish to control the risks of litigation.
  • Where the parties will need to cooperate, work, or live together in the future and therefore must address the emotional issues that are part of their dispute.
  • Where it is important that your client has an economical and expeditious resolution.
  • Where there is a triable issue of fact and you don't believe you can win the case on summary judgment.
  • When your client requires privacy and confidentiality.
  • When your client wants to control the risks of litigation with a self determined outcome.

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